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SEO Company India- #1 SEO Services

Correct execution of Search engine optimisation is something that determines the success of the operations of a website, which makes selecting an agency providing SEO services quite a cumbersome task for businesses in order to spread and flourish their brand name on the web positively.

SEO India has lot implications on your business- Revenue, profitability, brand management, traffic, enhanced page ranking, business development etc. A very common problem that businesses face with their websites is penalties by Google due to use of black hat SEO techniques or low quality content due to which their page ranking plummets.

Choosing a Search Engine Optimisation service agency wisely is of great importance because it helps your business in meeting the objectives you have in mind for it to flourish as well staying out of troubles like penalties and bad word of mouth about your brand.

SEO Company India has been in the industry for almost 8 years now and our operations and services are available in almost every corner of the globe with the exception of Antarctica. Standing tall and sturdy to the test of time and quality, as of today our clientele includes top notch names like Walt Disney, DELL, HCL, IBM, Microsoft and many more.

We have a client base of around 76 reputed clients and they have great things to say about our services as we have a very long term of profitable relationship with them. Our team comprises of super talented people as SEO experts, website developers, off page syndication experts, link builders and web content writers, working under a very democratic style of leadership of Jaspreet Singh, founder and CBO of SEO Corporation.

We are just the right stop for any businessmen looking for any form of online solution for his business website be it an SEO issue, need for a high quality web content, enhancement of search engine page ranking, getting out or dealing with Google penalty or development of a website in totality right from the scratch. Our brand is well established in the industry and we promise white hat SEO India techniques in all our SEO operations.

We are at the service of our clients 24X7 solving their queries and understanding their viewpoint on what they expect from us. At SEO Corporation we focus in improving the ROI and all the online operations of our clients once we give our commitment to them and our services are good enough to be addictive. Choose us as your SEO agency and the results will make you say that we are the best thing happened to your business.

How we help you get rankings on Google’s first page

At SEO Company India, we believe in understanding the modus operandi, nuts and bolts of every operation of the website before we implement our own strategies. Doing this helps us in repairing the damage done in the past as well because we take measures for making right the things that caused a plummet in ranking back in time.

We conduct an in depth audit of the website which includes structure of the website, title tags, meta description tags, header tags, URL’s , page loading speed, bad links, duplication in title tags, inappropriate anchor texts etc. This audit helps us in understanding your website clearly and with this understanding we provide customised solution to it.

After this research and analysis we take action on enhancing the page ranking of your website. How do we do that? In depth research and analysis tells us what changes are needed to be made with the optimisation strategy of the website- on page as well as well as off page.

On page changes

On page optimisation involves dealing with issues on the web pages of your website. There are a lot of factors that come under on page optimisation- Correcting codes, fixing Meta tags, adding high quality content etc. On page optimisation requires a lot of time and brain storming and if less heed is paid on it, uncontrollable damage can be the consequence.

Our team at SEO Corporation works very hard and sheds all the worries of its clients regarding SEO. We believe in submitting reports on actions implemented to clients frequently to ensure them that the progress is going in just the right direction.

The major on page components are:
  • Distinct title tags
  • Fixing structure of the website
  • Appropriate meta tags
  • Headlines
  • High quality Copywriting
  • Links that can be crawled
  • Smooth internal navigation
  • We help our clients in providing unique and distinct title tags that are precise yet descriptive. The best title tag is one that defines the substance of the content because the researchers judge the relevance of a search result on the basis of its title tag. We keep in view the nitty-gritty like adding the physical location of your business as well as mentioning offerings of your business as every page must have a separate title tag and we allot it accordingly.
  • Meta tag is a very precise summary of the content of the web page. Deciding Meta description accurately is of immense importance to the page ranking as it’s often targeted as snippets by Google. Google conducts a thorough scan of the web pages but in case it doesn’t find anything appealing enough to be used in snippet, it uses the Meta description for it. We understand that not only Meta tags give the advantage of snippets as well as it also can be designated as the description of your website in the open directory project by Google, so we craft unique yet very descriptive Meta tags for the web pages to bring your website in Google’s attention.
  • URL’s help the web spiders to crawl the text present on your website by the search engines apart from making website organised which is why it is needed to be simple. A difficult URL will complicate things for search engines as well as users. URL’s are needed to be descriptive as well because they are also mentioned on the search result of a query. We use words relevant to the users as well that are search engine friendly in the URL of the websites along with creating a well organised directory helping the users in identification of where they currently are on the website. Apart from this we construct 301 redirect pages and canonical URL’s for avoiding repetition of visit by users due to more than one URL.
  • We facilitate smooth internal navigation of the website because it is responsible for how quickly users find a website. Smooth internal navigation is also important to help search engines understand which content is of utmost relevance to the webmasters. We classify the web pages of a website so neatly that the user or search engine won’t feel slightest of confusion to look out what matters to them. We submit the HTML and XML maps to the search engines because they help in indexation of a website. We also understand that users must never be ignored while you impress the search engines, which is why we always construct a low case map for the sake of ease in understanding of the structure of the website to the users. Having a 404 custom page is a great help for distorted user to find the way back to the right page and we make sure to incorporate it in the websites of our clients.
  • We understand the importance of anchor texts in the on page optimisation and help our clients by providing them descriptive, precise and easily identifiable anchor text which apart from linking the external links, links the website internally for a smooth user experience.
  • Image optimisation is another important component of on page SEO optimisation and we lay huge emphasis on it by using creative, descriptive and concise alt texts as filenames as well as in their links. Like the XML map of your website an image sitemap file is very essential to be submitted to search engines for the sake of providing Google an insight about the images present on your website and we submit it with details to Google.
  • Heading tags attract attention of users in a big way which is why we assign them very cautiously depending on their need in the text plus we never over do them because excess of them might end in misleading the users.

Off page changes

Off page optimisation is as important for SEO as on page optimisation. In fact they are both incomplete without each other. Businesses often go wrong with the off page optimisation techniques which makes them suffer a lot but we are here for them as we facilitate any form of modifications and changes in the -on and off page optimisation techniques to our clients.

There are different aspects to off page optimisation- link building, submission of articles, optimisation of videos, submission of directories, press releases, use of social media and advertisement. Guest blogging is a tool that has gained popularity overtime as an off page SEO tool. SEO Corporation provides these services brilliantly to its clients in a very cost effective manner.

RSS feeds and blogging are great tools of promoting new content in a moderate manner and not going all flamboyant about it. Google pays heed to such gestures and takes a website into consideration. Circulating newsletters, making a mark of your location on Google places is a conventional technique of doing off page optimisation. We at SEO Services India understand each of these elements intensely and implement them in the most effective manner.

Social media

Once you develop new content it’s very important to expose it to the people of similar interest which is facilitated in the most convenient manner by the social media. Our team believes in promoting content that is unique and worthy enough to share because sharing every small piece of new content is a big time turn off to the audiences.

Another factor that is kept in mind by us while optimising content using social media platform is that we never promote the content via social media artificially because its serves no purpose, in fact it hurts reputation of the business.

We understand that Google+ is a platform where people of almost all industries are present, it’s imperative to be there and foolish not to be there because it belongs to Google. It facilitates establishing association with people that have interests in the similar areas, which is why it acts as a great medium for sharing content.

It’s not just Google+ but a number of other social media platforms that facilitate in promotion and off page optimisation and we make sure that your content is shared through all of them appropriately and profitably.

Submission of directories

We make directory submissions by choosing the right directory and right category for the sake of submission because that’s what makes it fruitful. Directory submissions are actually considered out dated by a lot of people but the fact is that they are effective, slow but effective and we recommend them to our clients strongly.

Photo and video optimisation

Our experts understand the ways and means to optimise the photos and videos through social media platforms like Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, Metacafe, Dailymotion etc. Traffic intensity has a great impact on page rank which is why we take it seriously and make efforts to drive it through different techniques among which photo and video optimisation is most convenient.

Article Submission

There are a lot of websites like ezine articles to which originally articles written can be submitted by businesses in their names and they act as sources for driving traffic, slow but effective sources. Our creative content team helps our clients by formulating articles as per their need and vision.

Press releases

We understand the significance of press releases to your business as they help in making a place in the Google news if submitted to the right PR website. Our super talented team helps you deal with every aspect of a press release in totality.

Google Algorithms- Hummingbird

Google Hummingbird is Google’s latest algorithm and is another high in terms of quality control by Google, giving its users best ever search experience by understanding the context of keywords of the query.

After Panda and Penguin it doesn’t brings along more stringent regulatory measures but it reflects the excellence of Google in terms of its command over artificial intelligence and technology.

How we help our clients deal with hummingbird update

  • As hummingbird focuses on interpreting the context of keywords entered by the researcher and presenting search results accordingly, it brings in vogue use of long tailed keywords. At SEO India, we have a pool of talented SEO experts that know how to frame content and include such long tailed keywords in the links at the right places which brings it in Google’s view and if Google likes the content, ranking is enhanced.
  • Content in the Q&A format, providing solutions, acting as guides, how to blogs, comprehensive guidelines, interviews and expert solutions through videos, answering queries based on specifications is something hummingbird pays heed to, because its motive is to answer questions in a manner that researchers have to make minimal efforts in terms of searching. Our team devise content in a manner that meets all of these requirements to come in attention of Google.
  • Leveraging content with the help of social media platform is immensely important keeping in view the Google hummingbird update because it’s an open platform that helps you approach masses as well as niche. It’s also a great platform to reflect thoughtfulness of businesses to give feedback and providing solutions to customers and prospects. Such gestures are taken into consideration by Google very positively. Our social media experts know just the right techniques of executing this in an excellent manner.
  • Talking about social media, Google+ must be given serious attention as it’s the closest to Google. We help our clients get Google’s attention by linking their business website to Google+ in a manner that Google can’t overlook it.

Google Penguin

Penguin came after Panda and its role to Google is that of a sheriff. Penguin is the regulator of Google that is responsible for keeping SEO techniques legitimate and removing all form of black hat SEO practices.

It penalises the websites link by link if it finds any content that is considered as a mal practice by Google webmasters guidelines. Like Panda, Penguin also rewards a website if the content present on it meets the criteria satisfactorily and impresses Google. There are a number of gimmicks like spam indexing, link bombing, overstuffing keywords etc due to which a website is penalised by Penguin.

How we help our client deal with Panda update

  • Offending back links are one of the biggest reasons for getting hit by Penguin. Our team removes these links as we audit all the links to detect the offending ones on the website of our client. Google always pay attention to such efforts made by the webmasters and rewards them in return.
  • Not only we eliminate the unnatural links, we flaunt the earned authoritative links to Google with the help of guest blogging for our clients. This helps in getting in to the good books of Google as Google rewards the websites that strive hard towards making it legitimate.
  • We use social media very smartly for the sake of optimisation because it acts an easy bridge for gaining trust of the audiences as well as of Google because it helps in circulation of positive word of mouth rapidly.
  • With the help of our talented corporate blog writers we serve our clients in gaining trust of their b2b clients.
  • We help our clients by lessening the amount of their social bookmarks submissions.

Google Panda

Google Panda is the first algorithm incepted by Google with the sole aim of eliminating low quality content especially targeting plagiarism. This is the flip side of it, but on the positive side it values and rewards the websites containing high quality and original content.

Panda doesn’t attack the website link by link rather it hits a website completely or a large section of it completely. Its aim is regulating Google for the purpose of maintaining its quality.

How we help our clients deal with Panda

  • Our team at SEO India never implement a technique or strategy that is outside the scope of Google webmasters guidelines because it makes sure of not leaving even a slight scope of making mistakes or overstepping the legit boundaries set by Google for SEO.
  • Our SEO Services India experts conducts audit of the content section by section to detect duplicate content, knowing the page loading speed of the website, ratio of advertisements and content on the website etc. which might become loopholes for getting hit by Panda.
  • We use the best tools available to remove duplicate and low quality content from the website of our clients.
  • To keep the path and record clean our team makes sure to submit the HTML and XML maps of the website to Google which helps in the indexation.
  • Google Panda values a website that has a very clean and flat structure with no damaged links and is well organised as such that the users don’t get confused at all in browsing it.